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PRESS RELEASE - 2019-12-12 

The entrepreneurs in Hammars Brewery pave the way for growth with share issue to new strong shareholders

Hammar 2019-12-12 – Swedish entrepreneurs Robert Henrysson – with a background in investing and leading several gaming and e-commerce companies – and Sofi Randén – the marketing manager at Estrella (Sweden’s market leader in snacks) – are behind the re-launch of Hammars Brewery. The couple bought the business – which was founded in 1904 – a few years ago and has since worked on re-directing the old brewery into becoming a premium beverage brand.

The brewery has been best known for its seasonal Christmas brew, traditionally made according to original recipes from the 30s. But recently a series of Tonics was launched that has attracted a lot of attention on the restaurant scene. They are now in available at some of the countries most prestigious bars, including Restaurant Franzén (Sweden’s only three-star Michelin restaurant), the bar at Fotografiska and Hotell Dorsia in Gothenburg. The team worked for more than two years on the development of the new mixers.

Currently growing the sales in restaurants and stores throughout Sweden, the company is also preparing for an overseas expansion. The aim is to establish the company in the rapidly expanding non-alcoholic premium beverage market. To augment this strong development, the company carried out a new share issue this week, adding approx. 11 million in new capital to support the execution of it’s growth plans.

- There are few companies that can boast such a long history, where old craft traditions still live to such an extent. We still cook our own syrup and develop and manufacture all drinks on site here in Hammar, says Robert Henrysson, CEO of Hammars Brewery. It has been extremely rewarding – but also challenging – to take on an old company and turn it around. But the situation we are facing now - with a series of products that are gaining even international attention - is so much stronger when the brand can tell an over a hundred-year history

The new investors consist of successful entrepreneurs with a background in the IT, restaurant and food industries.

- I tasted Hammars Tonics a while ago and was completely sold. We then met with the entrepreneurs and felt that we could really develop Hammars Brewery into a significant international player. A local premium brewery with such a fine history is extremely relevant right now, comments Christopher Fägerskiöld, the representative of Arctos Equity Partner, the largest new investor group.

Hammars Brewery was founded as early as 1904 and is one of Sweden's oldest breweries. Today, soft drinks, drink mixers and mineral water are produced in a small-scale and artisanal way in the brewery's outside Askersund. The company expects a turnover of approximately SEK 13 million during 2019. Descriptions of Hammars and its history can be found at http://www.hammarsbryggeri.se/om-oss/ and http://www.hammarsbryggeri.se/historia/.    

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