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Hammars Tonics awarded five medals in international tonic competition

The international beverage industry magazine The Spirits Business today announces the results of the inaugural Tonic & Mixer Masters. Hammars Tonics from Hammars Bryggeri wins five medals: four gold and one silver.

Hammars Tonics awarded five medals in international tonic competition

The Spirits Business Masters is one of the world's most respected industry competitions. An elite jury conducts a series of blind tastings, testing their way through international top producers' competing drinks in categories such as gin, vodka and whiskey. As part of the Swedish craft gin movement, several Swedish craft distilleries have had significant success in recent competitions.

Hammars Bryggeri now joins the ranks of Swedish quality producers who are also praised internationally. But this time in the first competition ever for tonics and drink mixers. The competition attracted entries from all over the world.

- "It’s great to see so many highquality products offering so much variety to consumers," comments Tobias Gorn, one of the competition's jury members. “There is a very bright future ahead.”

Hammars Bryggeri competed with five entreis in the competition. All were praised by the jury, which led to Hammars Bryggeri being one of two grabbing the most medals of all the tonic producers. In the ‘Indian Tonic’ category, Hammars Tonic Original won gold. In the category 'Flavored Tonics', the company won three gold medals - for its Pink Grapefruit & Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Mint and for the new Elderflower Power. Finally, Hammars Tonic Original Zero won a silver in the category Light / Slimline / Low Calorie Tonic. 

- "This is a first proof that we really belong in the international top layer of craft tonics," says Robert Henrysson, CEO of Hammars Bryggeri. "Most of the other producers are all a lot bigger and more established than us - and many are so incredibly good - so we are just very proud."

Hammars Bryggeri launched its first series of tonics as recently as late 2019, after years of preparation. It took almost two years to complete the first series of mixers, taking inspiration from the brewery's history since its formation in 1904, but also challenging the more established players with taste and design. "Old traditions, young attitude" is the credo by which the team lives and works.

Hammars Bryggeri is one of Sweden's oldest breweries, located on the shores of Lake Vättern in Hammar outside Askersund. Since the start more than a hundred years ago - in the attic of the residential building next to the current brewery - soft drinks and mineral water have been produced according to old craftsmanship methods. These methods live on today in the small brewery always brewing in small batches and with great passion for the result.

Hammars Tonics is the brewery's first step into the globally growing market for premium beverages. So far, the company's tonics have only been available in certain stores in Sweden.

- “The pandemic has of course made it difficult for us to reach bars and restaurants both in Sweden and abroad. We hope and believe that 2021 will change that,” says Robert Henrysson. “The competition is an important context to be seen in, as buyers and stakeholders from 150 countries can share our successes via The Spirit Business' global printed magazine and digital channels. Our new distributors in Germany and Denmark will of course also receive good support from this success. We believe that they can be joined in a few more key markets now that it is possible for exports to pick up speed again after the pandemic,” concludes Robert Henrysson.

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